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Yong Maeng Jong Jin (YMJJ) Retreat
Retreat is a time to look inside and investigate our life. It is an opportunity to clear our mind of habitual thinking and access our wisdom and compassion. Yong Maeng Jong Jin means .to leap like a tiger while sitting. a Korean term traditionally used to describe intensive Zen meditation. It points to the state of clarity and wisdom we experience that is both relaxed and wide like space, and clear and meticulous as the tip of a needle, so that we can use our experience to help ourselves and this world, moment to moment.

2014 Upcoming YMJJ Retreat Schedule
All YMJJ retreats consist of sitting and walking meditation, bowing, chanting, kong-an interviews, formal meals, work practice and optional yoga. Monthly one, two or three day retreats are held at CZC on the following dates:

April 6-7
Buddha's Birthday at Providence Zen Center

April 13
1 Day YMJJ With Nancy Hedgepath JDPSN

May 3-4
2 Day YMJJ With Zen Master Wu Kwang

June 14-15
2 Day YMJJ With Zen Master Soeng Hyang

July 12-13
2 Day YMJJ With Zen Master Bon Hae (Judy Roitman)

August 9
Founder's Day at Providence Zen Center

Orientation for Newcomers
Saturday 8:00am and Sunday 8:00am. (Only one orientation is necessary.) For queries, or to register online, contact D6F636E2E656A7567646962726D616360427F6473656279646, or call 617-576-3229 Mon - Thur, 9am-12pm. A 50% deposit is required for registration which can be made online (above) or send in your payment by check.The balance payment may be made upon arrival in check or cash at orientation. If you are registering for a Friday, orientation is on Friday at 9am.

Please call 617-576-3229 between 9am-12pm Mon - Thur for more information. Also more info on Calendar. You may pay for your retreat online.  Please be sure to enter how many and which days the retreat covers.

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