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Precepts, rules and teaching forms
are only for you - your true self
likes this very much.

Zen Master Seung Sahn

Taking precepts is a step in making a commitment to our practice and to live our life in the bodhisattva way. That means my life is not for me, but for others. The precepts are like a simple road map of a path we already know. By keeping them we can access these simple instructions on leading a correct life whenever we lose our direction.

Members of CZC are eligible to take precepts according to the precepts order and teaching of the Kwan Um School of Zen. Any member is eligible to take the first five precepts after:

  • Becoming a member of CZC or another KUSZ center
  • Sitting at least two retreats at a KUSZ center (up to 4 days)
  • Filing a precepts application with the KUSZ at least a month before the scheduled precept ceremony date
Precepts can also be taken to become a Dharma Teacher in Training, Dharma Teacher, Senior Dharma Teacher, Bodhisattva Teacher or a monastic. In order to take precepts as any of the above, please consult your Guiding Teacher. Precept Meetings are held at various Zen centers usually a month prior to a precepts ceremony coming up. It provides orientation and information, and Dharma Teachers will answer any questions about precepts. For Precept Meeting schedule at CZC, please go to Calendar.

Precepts information and application booklet for North America (PDF).

For those wishing to take precepts in the Kwan Um School, there is also an online application form.

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