The first of the temple rules is on keeping a bodhi mind—a commitment to practice to get enlightenment and save all beings from suffering. Making this commitment is an important step that gives us direction and courage. Over time, our practice becomes our direction. We can help this world with growing wisdom and compassion moment to moment.

Membership is a way to support both the center and the community, and provides benefits such as discounts on retreats and guest fees, Primary Point magaazine from the Kwan Um School of Zen, and various opportunities for practice and together action with the sangha and centers internationally. You will find information on current programs and sangha events listed on this website.

Membership to the Cambridge Zen Center means also automatically becoming a member of the Kwan Um School of Zen, the umbrella organization of which CZC is a part. Your membership dues benefit both the Zen center and the school simultaneously.

An online membership application may be found here. Dues to the Kwan Um School can be paid electronically via PayPal.

For those wishing to take precepts in the Kwan Um School, there is an online application form.

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