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Led by Zen Master Bon Haeng Mark Houghton, Guiding Teacher

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Boston University Zen Community

The Boston University Zen Community is a club activity for the BU community which meets weekly every Wednesday at 7:30PM in Marsh Chapel Basement, Thurman Room. There is a 40 minute practice including a soen-yu (body/mind) exercise, a yoga relaxation and a 15 minute Zen meditation. Following this is a Dharma talk given by either a guest speaker from the Kwan Um School of Zen or the faculty advisor. We end with a social period with refreshments supplied by the students. It is open to the public as space allows. Email 574656E2572604E656A75726

Harvard Buddhist Community Zen Sitting Group

The Harvard Buddhist Community (HBC) is a non-denominational Buddhist organization that is governed by the principles of peace, compassion, and tolerance. Our mission is to support those on a journey of awakening and realization of those principles in one.s life through the elements of practice, study and sangha. Our purpose is to provide space and time for students to gather, engage and practice in community.

We offer weekly morning and evening practice sessions; host occasional Wednesday HDS Noon Services; organize four annual afternoon retreats; oversee outreach programs; arrange dharma talks by visiting Buddhist Masters, practitioners and scholars; provide Chaplaincy services for Buddhists; and coordinate a community council. It is our hope that any seeker may find and make a way within the HBC community, and it is our intention that our community benefit not only its members but also HDS, Harvard University and the wider world.

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