Dana Giving

The Practice of Giving
Everything is empty, so helping other people is possible. Nothing can hinder you. At that point, your moment-to-moment job becomes clear: every one of your actions is truth, and it completely connects with the suffering of all beings. "How can I help?" "How can I help?" This is our human job. This is the truth. This is the complete way, the true way, the big way. Compassionate action is not some idea or action. It is universal substance itself.

—Zen Master Seung Sahn

When our mind is open and free, being generous is easy. When we are thinking and checking, we have what Zen master Seung Sahn calls a "not enough mind" and being generous is difficult. Zen practice means opening our mind completely so that it is wide like space, able to give and accept freely without hindrance. As we practice and become more open, our actions naturally become generous and genuine, supporting ourselves, others and our community. The practice of generosity is the first of the Six Paramitas in basic Buddhist teaching. We can give through our practice, service, offerings and donations, and support in any form that can be shared.

How CZC is Supported
As a not for profit 503c, CZC is supported by membership dues, training fees, guest fees, public program fees and the generous donations from members and friends.

Support also comes in the form of practice, energy and service. Your practice and service to the center are invaluable.

Forms of Donations
All donations are welcome in the form of

  • General donations throughout the year as monthly, quarterly or bi-annual pledges
  • Annual fund raising event donation
  • Donation for endowment/investment fund
  • Bequeathing
  • Earmarked donations for specific projects
  • Teacher's gift
  • Monastic's gift

How to Make a Donation
All donations are tax-deductible and can be made out to "Cambridge Zen Center." Please state if you would like a receipt mailed to you.

Check, money order, credit card or gifts can be sent by surface mail to
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Donation box at center: donations can be made in person when visiting the center.

PayPal online: Click here to make a dontaion via PayPal.com.

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