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The Cambridge Zen Center has flourished for the last thirty years with the dedicated commitment and effort of practitioners. Sangha is the third jewel, the practicing community, where the teaching becomes action. By practicing and living together, we grow in wisdom and compassion, recognizing our interdependence and harmony. With that, we extend ourselves to helping the community and the world.

Sangha events at CZC include many together-action events throughout the year including kidos, retreats, and canoeing. Quarterly sangha days include our annual fund-raising event in the summer and Thanksgiving dinner in the fall. There are also sangha weekends at the head temple of the Kwan Um School of Zen, Providence Zen Center, on the following weekends:

Buddha's BirthdayFirst weekend in April
Founding Teacher's DayLast weekend of July
Buddha's Enlightenment DayFirst weekend of December

See our calendar for more information.

Ceremonies and the international triennial Whole World Is a Single Flower International Zen Conference and tours are open for sangha members to participate in worldwide. For information on KUSZ events and WWSF events, please contact 7627F6E2E656A7D657E61677B60427F6473656279646.

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